Birds Evolution

Planification for v4 final version - ENGLISH ONLY

Hello! I'm Micaƫl FELIX, I started working on Birds Evolution Pro 15 years ago.

I've been working on the version 4 - which is a completely rewrite of the project - since mid 2017. I'm employed full time in another company, and this is an independent project, so it took a lot of time and effort as the previous version and the website had to be maintained as well.

Be aware that even if the software is not free, it has been sold by my company (AVISYNC) for 3 years and that no profit has been received by me since it began because the sales are too low and they barely succeed to reimburse the various hardware and software costs necessary for the design of the software and associated services. Your monetary contribution - by purchasing the software and its updates for example) is therefore a necessity to continue to keep the project alive.

That being said, a big THANK YOU for everyone (volunteers and customers) contributing indirectly or directly to the success of this project :)

The following list enumerates all the work planned for the v4 and the progress made to it. It's not ordered by priority.

Since february 2020, there have been 65.2 hours spent on 114.75 hours of work estimated for the release of the final version 4.
49.55 hours of work remaining before the final version 4 release
+ 42.15h already planned after that
Description: Currently it's based on seasonPair FK when it should be based on birdIds of clutches within the current season
Description: When input is empty, should suggest self breeding (if no band number is within profile, ask for one band number to store within profile). When no match is found, after leaving the field ask the user if he wants to create a contact with that band number or open the list to assign that band number to an existing contact.
Description: Should display status, cage, and mutation of ancestors up to grand parents
Description: Show all pending uploads and their status. Actions to retry failed uploads.
Description: Handle file upload one by one, on complete upload next file if any, on success update foreign record.
Description: Should be able to add direct offspring without specifying any egg to it
Description: Icon to see that the egg is placed elsewhere or is from another pair
Description: Need to update price of bird if added/changed. Can directly open selected birds.
Description: On save add that expense if the user accepted