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Bird Breeding App Desktop, tablet and smartphone compatible | Usable offline

Want to test it without installation? A web version is also available (no account required)

The only avian application which can synchronize your data to all your devices.

Pedigrees Visualize and print pedigree on up to 5 generations.

Detect automatically the inbreeding percentage of your birds

Move up and down the genealogy tree and easily access to every record.

Manage entire breeding with smart searches Birds, couples, broods, eggs, invoicing, everything can be sorted and many search possibilities exists within the app.

The best bird breeding management app since 2006

Set your own breeding season dates, view statistics, save custom searches, test it now freely in guest mode on the online version :)

All your events at one place Once a brood has started, the app will automatically calculate the fertility check, hatch and weaning dates.

Get reminders directly on your mobile device

Your aviary agenda is here, do not forget anything, plan everything!

Usable offline Go in your aviary even without a web connection and then synchronize all your data *

Free subscription included for up to 5 couples per season

Requires an active subscription
We are only asking the equivalent of a cup of coffee per month of subscription :)

Backup and restore all your data Do not worry about losing your data: each installation contains a copy of your data

Download the app and manage your aviary from your preferred device

The app can generate textual backup which are readable by any other app. A daily backup is made on the servers if you have an active subscription.
Your data is safe with us :)

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Join one of the largest international breeders' communities, with several thousand registered (). This will allow you to facilitate the exchange and sharing of information regarding the breeding of birds.

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Access your member area to publish details of bird species you raise (and their genetic mutations), your membership in ornithological associations, and various tools related to your current subscriptions.

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